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Cynthia Garner http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com Author Fri, 15 Sep 2017 12:45:33 +0000 en-US hourly 1 VAMPIRE’S THIRST – It’s Here! http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/vampires-thirst-its-here Tue, 06 May 2014 12:42:05 +0000 http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/?p=525 Book two in The Awakening series is available now!

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, civilization no longer exists, and only the strongest survive. The few remaining humans must band together with supernatural beings to battle unspeakable evil–or all hope will be lost.
After accidentally starting the zombie apocalypse, Kimber Treat now lives with her vampire lover in a compound where humans and vampires live together peacefully. A gifted necromancer who can summon the dead, Kimber is beyond happy when she learns she’s pregnant. But as her body changes, Kimber fears that her powers are being influenced by evil, a fact she must keep from everyone, including Duncan…

Duncan MacDonnough is preoccupied with his new role as leader of the local vampire conclave, but not so preoccupied that he doesn’t notice that Kimber is acting strangely. She’s grown distant, and Duncan is convinced she’s hiding something. Duncan knows the key to stopping the apocalypse is Kimber’s powers, but using them puts her life at risk. With the threat from the zombie outbreak looming, will Kimber and Duncan learn to trust each other once more to save themselves, their unborn child, and the rest of the world?

Available at B&N and Amazon.

]]> Contest + Giveaways http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/contest-giveaways http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/contest-giveaways#comments Fri, 02 May 2014 19:24:32 +0000 http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/?p=515 VAMPIRE’S HUNGER has been out a month, and the second book in The Awakening series, VAMPIRE’S THIRST, is coming out on Tuesday May 6th. To celebrate both, I’m having a contest with multiple winners! Here’s some of the booty:

Signed ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) of VAMPIRE’S HUNGER and VAMPIRE’S THIRST, magnets of the book covers, zombie finger puppets, a few bumper stickers (two zombie-related and one vampire-related), and vampire and zombie movies! I’m also going to have a couple of mouse pads and key chains, but they’re not getting in until next week.

To be eligible to win, follow me on Twitter, like my Facebook author page (the Twitter and FB icons/links are at the top of this page), interact with me on Twitter and Facebook, and at this blog and others that I’ll be touring starting next week. I’ll have links to those sites on my homepage.

This contest is open to U.S. and non-U.S. residents, though only U.S. residents will receive print books and other items. For non-U.S. residents I’ll be giving away electronic copies of the books.

So, are you ready to win? Let’s talk vampires and zombies. What’re your favorite movies and TV shows with those monsters in them? Favorite vampire and/or zombie books?

]]> http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/contest-giveaways/feed 2 VAMPIRE’S HUNGER is here! http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/vampires-hunger-is-here Wed, 02 Apr 2014 02:16:19 +0000 http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/?p=511 The first book in my Awakening series is here!
I am so in love with this cover. So sexy!  You can download your copy at your favorite e-tailer, and it is also available POD (print on demand).

Read the excerpt. There are also different excerpts up at SOS Aloha, TBQ’s Book Palace, Taking Time for Mommy, and Bitten By Love Reviews. You can find links to their sites on my Home Page under “Where I’ll Be”.

Vampires in the zombie apocalypse. How great is that?!

]]> Benedict Cumberbatch’s SHERLOCK HOLMES http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/benedict-cumberbatchs-sherlock-holmes http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/benedict-cumberbatchs-sherlock-holmes#comments Mon, 03 Feb 2014 12:25:59 +0000 http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/?p=479 Let me start this by stating there are spoilers in this post. If you haven’t seen the most recent BBC SHERLOCK HOLMES episode, you might want to not read any farther.

I’m a Sherlock Holmes fan from way back. My best friend and I discovered him when we were about 14, first through Arthur Conan Doyle’s books and then through the movies starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. Those two are still one of my favorite incarnations of Holmes & Watson. Beyond that, I enjoy the movies with Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law, as well as the BBC mini-series with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

Speaking of which, I watched episode 3 of the 3rd season of the BBC’s SHERLOCK HOLMES last night, and I admit I was confused through much of it. I was…lost. Couldn’t figure out what was going on or why. I don’t know if it’s just because I wasn’t paying close enough attention, or if it really was that confusing. I guess I’ll need to watch it again.

What a hardship.

(SPOILERS AHEAD) I’m not sure how I feel about them turning Holmes into a murderer. I like that they have him taking such strong action to protect John and save Mary from future harm, but I’m not sure the Holmes of Conan Doyle’s imagination would take such an action if there weren’t imminent physical harm present. Though I think when it comes to Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Holmes as a functioning sociopath, the action he took is in character.

What do you think?

]]> http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/benedict-cumberbatchs-sherlock-holmes/feed 8 Josh Holloway’s ‘Intelligence’ http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/josh-holloways-intelligence http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/josh-holloways-intelligence#comments Wed, 22 Jan 2014 03:03:22 +0000 http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/?p=476 I’ve watched the first two episodes of Intelligence, and I have some opinions about it. Of course. Now, let me preface this by saying I’m not a screenwriter, nor do I have any experience whatsoever in producing a one-hour television show. A one-hour show that really is only about 44 minutes long, and that’s a short amount of time to tell a complete story. But I do know what I like in a TV show, what works for me and what doesn’t.

I have loved Josh Holloway since I first saw him on LOST. And, I admit, I prefer him looking a little scruffy with longer hair. He has enough acting chops to pull off whatever character he portrays. On INTELLIGENCE, he plays agent Gabriel Vaughn who gets a computer chip in his head that allows him to hook up to any computer or computer device. From data he receives he can recreate 3-D images of key moments in crimes that only he can see and walk through. The show refers to that as “rendering”, and it’s an unforeseen side effect of the chip. His wife may or may not be a traitor, and she may or may not be dead. That gives him a lot of personal angst to work through, which is great for any character.

I especially like the sci fi aspect of the show. However… (you knew there would be a however, right?) The main conflict in the last episode, to me, was solved a bit too easily. I don’t want to give anything away for folks who haven’t watched the episode, but there was a breach in Gabriel’s firewalls and a bad guy was able to get inside his head. The “fix” took about 2 minutes. While I’m not a big fan of letting the bad guy run rampant through the entire season (I’m sooooo over the Governor on THE WALKING DEAD), I do think they could have played this out over at least one more episode so it seemed like the solution was harder than it seemed.

Have you watched INTELLIGENCE? What do you think of it?

]]> http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/josh-holloways-intelligence/feed 2 HEART OF THE DEMON – It’s Here! http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/heart-of-the-demon-its-here http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/heart-of-the-demon-its-here#comments Wed, 27 Feb 2013 20:10:58 +0000 http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/?p=451 UPDATE 3/16/13: The winner is… Amy Cameron! Amy, please email me at cynthiagarnerbooks @ gmail.com (no spaces) to claim your prize!

Finally, Finn and Keira’s story is available! I loved writing this book, with these characters. They each have their own secrets and mistakes they’re trying to get past.

The next opening of the rift is coming-and its consequences will be deadly. A rogue group of human-hating preternaturals is planning an apocalyptic attack, but the Council of Preternaturals may have found the key to saving the world: Keira O’Brien, a fey with a long criminal record, whose empathic abilities once made her the queen of con artists. If she successfully infiltrates the dangerous faction, the sins of her past will be forgiven.

Keira isn’t the only agent working against the rogue prets. Finn Evnissyen, a powerful demon with a dark lineage, is a hired assassin looking for a way out. If he stops the threat, he will finally earn his freedom. As the rift fast approaches, and danger escalates, Finn and Keira must discover if they’re on the same side-or sleeping with the enemy . . .

Publisher’s Weekly review: “A skillful blend of gritty urban fantasy and taut romantic suspense… Garner has created a fascinating world, ripe with conflict, drama, and sensuality.”

RT Books review: 4 Stars! “…action, solid pacing and intense conflict between these supernatural creatures lie at the center of this paranormal romance. Add to that the sizzling chemistry between Keira and Finn, and Garner’s latest definitely heats up the pages.”

Read an excerpt or buy.

Want a chance to win an autographed copy? Leave a comment about what you love about paranormal romance and you’ll be entered to win!

]]> http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/heart-of-the-demon-its-here/feed 8 Dreaming Dreamy Dreams http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/dreaming-dreamy-dreams Sun, 24 Feb 2013 15:28:38 +0000 http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/?p=426 I admit that I rarely remember my dreams. I wake up without the vaguest notion that I’ve dreamed at all during the night. Every once in a while, though, I wake up with this thought: “Well, that was weird.” That happened last night. I went to bed early–way early for me, about 8:30. When I woke up after this dream, it was 11:30, so I still had a full night to get more sleep. Yay, me!

Anyway, here’s what I remember of the dream. I was at home. Not my home, where I’ve lived the past 4 years, not even in Arizona where I’ve lived for over 12 years. No, I was at the house in northeast Ohio where I grew up and lived until I was 28. (My parents just couldn’t get rid of me…) It was warm and things were green (from the standpoint that they weren’t dead and barren), so it must have been late spring/summer. I was in the yard (my parents have 3 acres, all grass) and a small plane crash-landed in the lower yard area, farthest from the house. It didn’t burst into flames or anything, but I had the impression the pilot didn’t survive. I yelled and told our housekeeper (what?!) who was outside with me to go in the house and call 911. She did. (I have no idea who this person was, as we never had any sort of housekeeper or employee of any kind.)

Then another plane started coming down, nose first, but it wasn’t crashing. It was flying that way. It “arrived” close to the wreckage, flew toward it and then past it, still with the nose pointing to the ground. So it basically mowed the grass as it went. (My mom would’ve been grateful, I think.)

As it went out of sight, I became filled with fear and ran toward the house. I could hear the plane, flying now (no longer mowing the grass, darn it–mowing 3 acres was not my most favorite thing to do) and I realized I’d never make it to the safety of the house in time. So I dove underneath the bushes by the front porch, for cover. (Bushes that actually haven’t been there in probably 25-30 years.) Then as I looked toward where the crash had happened, I saw a man in a Hawaiian shirt and khakis walking toward the house. Either the shirt was black and white or I was dreaming in black and white, which I think was the case, because I don’t remember any impression of color in this dream. The man was…Bruce Campbell. Not Bruce Campbell in real life, but like Bruce Campbell playing a character. Or a character who looked like Bruce Campbell.

Why Bruce Campbell you ask? I have no fricking idea. I hadn’t been watching any shows that he was in, I’m not a particular fan (though I enjoy his performances), so I’m not quite sure why he showed up in my dream.

But, seriously, a lawn-mowing airplane and then Bruce Campbell? Yeah, weird. And apparently scary, because I woke up with my pulse pounding in my ears. No kidding.

Now the dream I had with James Spader is for another post…

What kind of weird dreams have you had?


HEART OF THE DEMON is available this Tuesday, February 26th! You can order it online or pick it up at a bookstore near you.

]]> Once Upon a Time – Captain Hook http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/once-upon-a-time-captain-hook http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/once-upon-a-time-captain-hook#comments Sun, 27 Jan 2013 17:27:41 +0000 http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/?p=400 I have a confession: I’m in love with Captain Hook.

Not this Captain Hook:

Or this Captain Hook:

THIS Captain Hook:

Handsome, charming, suave, deadly. Yet there is something about him that makes him seem redeemable. He is single-minded in his vengeance, in his quest to kill the crocodile that not only took his hand but the life of the woman he loved. He is willing to (and has) killed to get him closer to his goal. Yet like most pirates, he does have a certain code of honor that he lives by, a line he won’t cross. The problem is, that line might be a little…fluid.

This Hook is the quintessential anti-hero. He does seem to lack the qualities we associate with a hero. He’s morally ambiguous, sneaky, and willing to kill an innocent if it gets him closer to his goal. Yet… Yet.

And there’s the attraction. He does have that line he won’t cross. And, frankly, if Rumpelstiltskin can be turned to good by loving and being loved, then why can’t Hook?

Have you been watching Once Upon a Time? What do you think of Killian Jones, aka Captain Hook?


Finn Evnissyen, the hero in HEART OF THE DEMON, was an anti-hero in SECRET OF THE WOLF. By the end of his story, though, he’s been redeemed. You can read all about his journey when HEART OF THE DEMON releases at the end of February. Buy the book at B&N, Amazon or other online retailer or find it at your local indie bookstore.

]]> http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/once-upon-a-time-captain-hook/feed 7 Heart of the Demon ARC Winner! http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/heart-of-the-demon-arc-winner Sun, 13 Jan 2013 16:03:41 +0000 http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/?p=396 Thank you to all who chatted with me over the last couple of days. Three folks will receive a signed ARC of HEART OF THE DEMON. And they are…


Sarabeth Tolbert


Please email me at cynthiagarnerbooks @ gmail.com with your name and address, and I’ll get the book out to you as soon as I can.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

]]> Heart of the Demon – Giveaway! http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/heart-of-the-demon-giveaway http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/heart-of-the-demon-giveaway#comments Wed, 09 Jan 2013 22:45:01 +0000 http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/?p=391 Look what was waiting for me when I got home today! Some Advance Readers Copies (ARCs) of HEART OF THE DEMON. This is the third book in my Warriors of the Rift series with Grand Central Publishing.


Now, what shall I do with them? Hmmm. Well, I think I’ll give away three of them to lucky winners here on the blog. Leave me a comment telling me who your favorite character in the Rift series is so far, and what has made you love him or her so.

I’ll draw three names, and those lucky ducks will get a sign copy of HEART OF THE DEMON before it hits shelves on February 26th.

I’ll announce the winners Sunday morning, so entries will be accepted until about 8 a.m. January 13th.

So…let’s chat. Who’s your favorite?

]]> http://cynthiagarnerbooks.com/heart-of-the-demon-giveaway/feed 23