Ransom's Demand

The danger is real…

Bryson Montgomery works her computer magic for the Omega Team. Her extraordinary ability to access and maneuver around the Dark Web, that portion of the Deep Web where criminals conduct their business, has made an enemy who’s out to end her life. But who is it?

Oliver Lowell, former Special Air Service officer and current mercenary, met Bryson through freelancing work he’s done for Omega. They fell in lust immediately and have been content to keep their intimate relationship a secret from the others. When her adversary blows up her apartment, Oliver is tasked with protecting her. Not just because she’s on vacation in London, his hometown, but, more importantly for him, because she’s the most essential person in his world. He’ll protect her from this unknown enemy or die trying.

Her adversary follows them to a castle-cum-hotel in West Sussex, where Oliver’s skills are put to the test. Bryson’s life is on the line; failure is not an option. He must stop her enemy before their dark retribution can end the woman he loves.


Warning: Adult language and graphic sex scenes between a man on a mission and a woman with nothing to lose.

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Ransom's Demand

It’s never too late to stir up some heat.

Ransom Raines is the new guy at Station 58 and knows he has to focus on the job. But just down the street lives the prettiest, sweetest woman he’s ever met, and he is drawn to her with a strength he can’t fight.

Jane Champion realizes she could find something special with the hunky firefighter. But she’s older than him by nearly a decade. When she hears one of his friends giving him a hard time about dating a cougar, she thinks about breaking it off.

Ransom will do his best to convince her that age is only a number. Will she be able to let go and give into his demands?


Warning: Adult language and graphic sex scenes between a man and woman discovering love together.

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Only when you dare to forgive can love begin again.


Zoe Sinclair and Griffin Jericho had lived a fairy tale life once upon a time. Or so she’d thought until he callously broke up with her. Then his life was changed by a freak accident on the field that culminated in a partial amputation of his right leg, forever ending his career as a defensive end for the Miami Thunder.

Years later they come together again due to Zoe’s job at a non-profit that coordinates meetings between ill or underprivileged children and their sports heroes. Zoe finds the emotional pain is still as sharp as it ever had been. Griff’s remorse over his treatment of her all those years ago seems sincere, yet she’s not sure she can trust him.

But what if she takes a chance on love again? If she dares to forgive him, they could begin anew.


Warning: Adult language and graphic sex scenes between a man learning to find his way again, and a woman ready to break free of her past.

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Omega Team Rescue

Former Army Ranger Alex Kemp makes a living by his expertise in Kidnap & Rescue. He’s hired by Grey Holden and Athena Madero of The Omega Team to rescue a friend who’s been kidnapped. Alex gathers his team and heads to the treacherous Sierra Nevadas where the pregnant victim is being held.

Savannah Smith, part owner of a wilderness guide shop at the base of the mountain, is tapped to lead Alex and his team into the mountains. She sees the skepticism on the men’s faces but is determined to prove to them she can contribute to the rescue effort.

A blizzard traps Alex and Savannah in a supply cave. The forced closeness allows for easy camaraderie and growing intimacy. When daylight comes, they’re ready to face danger to secure their future together.


Warning: Adult language and graphic sex scenes between a man and woman fighting for their lives.

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