I’ve watched the first two episodes of Intelligence, and I have some opinions about it. Of course. Now, let me preface this by saying I’m not a screenwriter, nor do I have any experience whatsoever in producing a one-hour television show. A one-hour show that really is only about 44 minutes long, and that’s a short amount of time to tell a complete story. But I do know what I like in a TV show, what works for me and what doesn’t.

I have loved Josh Holloway since I first saw him on LOST. And, I admit, I prefer him looking a little scruffy with longer hair. He has enough acting chops to pull off whatever character he portrays. On INTELLIGENCE, he plays agent Gabriel Vaughn who gets a computer chip in his head that allows him to hook up to any computer or computer device. From data he receives he can recreate 3-D images of key moments in crimes that only he can see and walk through. The show refers to that as “rendering”, and it’s an unforeseen side effect of the chip. His wife may or may not be a traitor, and she may or may not be dead. That gives him a lot of personal angst to work through, which is great for any character.

I especially like the sci fi aspect of the show. However… (you knew there would be a however, right?) The main conflict in the last episode, to me, was solved a bit too easily. I don’t want to give anything away for folks who haven’t watched the episode, but there was a breach in Gabriel’s firewalls and a bad guy was able to get inside his head. The “fix” took about 2 minutes. While I’m not a big fan of letting the bad guy run rampant through the entire season (I’m sooooo over the Governor on THE WALKING DEAD), I do think they could have played this out over at least one more episode so it seemed like the solution was harder than it seemed.

Have you watched INTELLIGENCE? What do you think of it?

  1. I loved Phoenix Island, the young adult book Intelligence was inspired by, but at this point I’m still not sure what the show and the book have in common. There is no Phoenix Island and all of the characters are different. I’m assuming that the only similarities are the chip which you learn very little about in the book.

    I’m digging the show as Josh Holloway is fantastic in the role and oh so very swoon worthy. I do agree that the last issue was resolved too easily but who knows if that was just a ruse. I’m hoping that it will be addressed again as the two of them battling it out within a render would be kinda awesome.

    • Mel, you’re right–since they basically just kicked her out of his head, she can always find a way back in!

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